The Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit at Times Square was hallowed by fertility gods.  There was the winged dove statue that is the fertility goddess Asherah.  The sacred pomegranate prompted pregnancy, and clay pomegranate vessels were prominently displayed.  To insure a baby, a woman from the 8th century B.C.E. must have commissioned the exquisite,  thumbnail size ivory statue that doubled its powers by featuring a winged dove and the pomegranate.  I wanted to break the glass case and seize the carved ivory figure for a fertility ritual.  Instead I had to settle for staring at the relic and hoping that its fertility powers were taking effect.  Since I also had viewed the Pompeii fertility god at the Times Square Pompeii exhibit in September, I might be destined for a baby that would be brought to me courtesy of the ancient Romans and Hebrews.

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