Yahoo Shine Alesha Renee Photo

For my Yahoo Shine appearance with Alesha Renee, I was thrilled to be picked up by car service. When I arrived at the studio, I went to the makeup and hair room to prepare for the show.  I felt like a celebrity!  Alesha Renee gave me a welcome hug and put me at ease.  When the show began, I just looked at her and talked girlfriend to girlfriend.  There were a row of people facing me during filming, and one of them discretely told me to pick up my bra strap.  I readily complied.  I also remembered to keep my legs crossed so I wouldn’t have a Sharon Stone moment.  A few weeks later, I got the eagerly awaited email that the episode was ready to air.  My donor egg show was paired with an ad that featured The Odd Life of Timothy Green, a movie about an infertile couple, and I was thrilled to be on the world wide web!