Gone Girl Fights For Fertility

Gone Girl Photo

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn  features two generations of infertility.  Amazing Amy, the main character, was the miracle baby after her parents had 5 miscarriages and 2 stillbirths of girls all named Hope.  Then the grown up Amy visited the fertility clinic with her husband Nick. He got to watch the 90’s porno flicks to produce his sperm and then he froze his creation at the clinic.  My husband also was a two generation infertile.  His parents had him in their 40’s after many miscarriages because of his mother’s previously undiagnosed polyp. Then he married me whose eggs were too old to work properly.  


The Babymakers Photo

 “The Babymakers” features desperate prospective parents played by Paul Schneider and Olivia Munn.  His sperm have gone bad so he robs the sperm bank that houses his one batch of good sperm that he donated in younger days.   When I was trying to conceive a baby with my second husband, we needed his extra sperm that were stored at the hospital sperm bank.  We weren’t sure if they were still good, but the nurse reassured us that his frozen sperm would outlast us all. We arranged to have the sperm shipped to our new donor egg doctor in New Jersey. Then I kept my fingers crossed that the delivery truck wouldn’t crash and smash my husband’s sperm to smithereens.