Barnes and Noble Manhasset Photo

I will be doing a book signing for Grade A Baby Eggs: An Infertility Memoir at Barnes and Noble of Manhasset on Thursday October 4th at 7 pm.  For my presentation I will need to load the car with my projector, movie screen and Silly Putty giveaway eggs.  Once again I must try to pack the house.  I will dig up any high school friends that still live on Long Island.  My mother will scrounge her building and round up the elderly residents at the card room, the dining hall and the physical therapist.  As long as they are mobile and can get through the doorway of the Barnes and Noble with a walker or a wheelchair, they can participate.  Everyone else is welcome to attend as well.


All roads lead to infertility.  The magazine Fertility Road of the UK features fertility articles that are read across Europe as well as in the United States.  Each cover depicts a celebrity, and one edition shows Sarah Jessica Parker with the caption “Surrogacy and the City.”  Infertility treatment is the new doctors without borders, and the desire for a baby is universal.  I almost fell off my computer chair when I saw my book Grade A Baby Eggs: An Infertility Memoir reviewed by the magazine. Now the British can enjoy my book too.  In fact the English woman that I befriended in the waiting room of my infertility hospital might be reading the book right now.  She flew to New York to receive an egg donation from her sister who arrived from Australia.  However, she might not be able to recognize herself and our waiting room conversations since I changed everyone’s names for privacy reasons.