Sandy Storm Freezing and Egg Freezing


Storm Sandy Generator Photo

I lost power in Hurricane Sandy the day after the storm.  Con Ed cut my power to fix wires and then waited a week and a half to reinstate it. I regularly fought for an outlet in Starbucks to charge my phone and computer. I got sick of sitting at home in the dark and freezing. Finally, I bought a generator off a truck that an entrepreneurial guy sold for a two hundred dollar mark up. Everyday I waited over an hour in gas lines in order to buy the fuel to power the generator.  While shivering at home, I learned that the ASRM just approved freezing your eggs for the future. The procedure would no longer be experimental. I wished that I had known about the technique.  As soon as I got divorced in my 30’s, I would have run to the freezer to bank my eggs for the next Mr. Right. 

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