Sandy Storm Freezing and Egg Freezing


Storm Sandy Generator Photo

I lost power in Hurricane Sandy the day after the storm.  Con Ed cut my power to fix wires and then waited a week and a half to reinstate it. I regularly fought for an outlet in Starbucks to charge my phone and computer. I got sick of sitting at home in the dark and freezing. Finally, I bought a generator off a truck that an entrepreneurial guy sold for a two hundred dollar mark up. Everyday I waited over an hour in gas lines in order to buy the fuel to power the generator.  While shivering at home, I learned that the ASRM just approved freezing your eggs for the future. The procedure would no longer be experimental. I wished that I had known about the technique.  As soon as I got divorced in my 30’s, I would have run to the freezer to bank my eggs for the next Mr. Right. 



40's The Egg Expiration Date Photo

When I remarried at age 44, I thought that I would have a baby with my new husband. Instead my fertility doctor told me to use a donor egg at my first appointment.  I almost fell out of my chair.  Other women are just  as shocked as me.  Newsday just published an article with the heading “Delaying Motherhood”  and “misconceptions about getting pregnant in your 30’s and 40’s.”  Apparently Long Island women are putting off pregnancy  until their 40’s and then learning that it is too late.  For those still in their 30’s, egg freezing is the recommended answer.  Unfortunately, I missed the freezer freighter and now I was sailing on the donor egg boat.