RESOLVE Advocacy Day


RESOLVE Advocacy Day Photo

RESOLVE Advocacy Day Photo

May 8, 2013 was RESOLVE Advocacy Day.  I went to Washington, D.C. to meet with  New York Senators and Congressmen and advocate for two bills.  One was the Family Act to give a 50% credit of up to $12,000 for infertility treatment.  That way you would no longer have to go broke while trying to get pregnant. The other bill was the Women’s Veteran and Other Health Care Improvement Act to provide infertility treatment to veterans.  From 2003-2011,  nearly 2,000 veterans sustained injuries that could render them infertile, and the VA was mandated not to provide IVF.  With passage of the new act, veterans would get infertility treatment and be able to start their families.  I advocated with my fellow New Yorkers.  They were a diverse bunch that included Rosie Pope, the fashionista from the Bravo show Pregnant with Heels, and Mrs. New York whose beauty pagent platform was infertility.  Rosie Pope was advocating in heels, and Mrs. New York wore her beauty patent sash for photo shoots. Advocating was fun and worthwhile.  I hope to see you next year in Washington, D.C  for Advocacy Day 2014!  Meanwhile you can hear about my Advocacy Day experiences on my radio show In Search of Fertility.

Join The Movement: Never Be Alone


NIAW Photo

NIAW Photo

When I started infertility treatment at age forty-four, I felt privileged to be sitting in the doctor’s office.  I had needed to qualify for the hospital “fertility club” before I was even granted this meeting.  I was proud that my FSH and estrogen levels were low enough to begin treatment. When I attended my hospital orientation, I expected a freshman orientation like the one at college.  The women would have a chance to bond.  We would embark on our baby journey together.  At graduation, instead of a diploma, we would all be handed a baby.  However, the orientation office looked like a lawyer’s conference room.  There was a long, rectangular mahogany table with matching wood chairs, paneled wood walls, and a smiling nurse standing at the end of the table. This was not an introduction to freshman fertility life at the hospital.  We were not introduced to each other.  Our nurse lecturer wore a lab coat and name tag.  We rapidly were immersed in IVF 101.  I felt isolated and overwhelmed.  I ended up going through five, failed IVF treatments with my own eggs without adequate support and knowledge.  Then I turned to donor eggs.  Since then I wrote the book Grade A Baby Eggs: An Infertility Memoir about my own infertility experiences so that other women would not feel so alone, and they could read the story of a fellow fertility seeker.  Then I started hosting the radio show In Search of Fertility so that I could share important infertility information and have guests recount their own infertility journeys. And right now everyone can band together and be united in solidarity with the join the movement National Infertility Awareness Week!

Infertility and Prematurity


Infertility and Prematurity Photo

Kelly Damron appeared on In Search of Fertility to talk about infertility and prematurity.  When there are twins or triplets from IVF there is an increased risk of prematurity.  Kelly had premature twin daughters from IVF and one of them had NEC (necrotizing enterocolitus) that caused digestive issues.  In the end, both girls developed normally, and they are happy, healthy miracle babies.  Kelly now gives back by running support groups for RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association and by advocating for the rights of the infertile.  She also wrote Tiny Toes: A Couple’s Journey Through Infertility, Prematurity and Depression.


Personhood Legislation Photo

Personhood Legislation outlaws infertility treatment because the fertilized egg is deemed a person. The doctor and mother could be charged with murder if the fertilized egg did not survive an IVF attempt.  For those who don’t want to get pregnant, there is the morning after pill. Personhood Legislation also would make the morning after pill illegal because it ejects a fertilized egg.  However, the New York Times just reported that the pill actually prevents the egg from ovulating before it becomes fertilized.  It is important to get the science right so procedures aren’t banned for the wrong reasons.  In any case, infertility treatment would have no scientific loophole if Personhood Legislation got passed.  That is why RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association opposes all Personhood Legislation.