Infertility and the Mind-Body Connection


Psychotherapist Helen Adrienne was the radio show guest on In Search of Fertility.  She wrote the book On Fertile Ground: Healing Infertility.  The mind-body connection can be used to lower stress.  Helen writes about “letting go” techniques like hypnosis and imagery. Positive thinking is a plus, and Helen quotes one of her clients whose Irish grandmother used to say “think a good, get a good.”   Helen concludes that out of the adversity of infertility can come life change and unseen benefits. I know that for myself after five  IVF trials with my own eggs and two more with donor eggs, I now am able to handle most things that come my way.  

Getting Your Money Back If You Don’t Get Pregnant!


Attain Fertility Centers Photo

Attain Fertility Centers Photo

Now if you don’t get pregnant you can get your money back!  I interviewed representatives of Attain Fertility Centers on  the Radio show In Search of Infertility. If you don’t get pregnant from IVF, you can get your money back from Attain! When I was trying IVF five times with my own eggs, I was going broke.  I met other women in the waiting room who had maxed out their credit cards and obtained second mortgages on their homes in order to try one more IVF attempt.  In the end, I did not get my baby after my five attempts with my own eggs.  I would have loved a refund! Next I went on to spend even more money by using donor eggs.   

Infertility and Prematurity


Infertility and Prematurity Photo

Kelly Damron appeared on In Search of Fertility to talk about infertility and prematurity.  When there are twins or triplets from IVF there is an increased risk of prematurity.  Kelly had premature twin daughters from IVF and one of them had NEC (necrotizing enterocolitus) that caused digestive issues.  In the end, both girls developed normally, and they are happy, healthy miracle babies.  Kelly now gives back by running support groups for RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association and by advocating for the rights of the infertile.  She also wrote Tiny Toes: A Couple’s Journey Through Infertility, Prematurity and Depression.

Princess Kate Seeks Fertility


Kate and William Seek Fertility Photo

Princess Kate and Prince William seek fertility treatments to birth the next royal. Royalty is no stranger to infertility. Bloody Mary, the oldest daughter of Henry the VIII called “Bloody” because of her penchant for burning Protestants at the stake, had multiple hysterical pregnancies that were all in her head. Napoleon divorced Josephine because of her inability to bear him a child. Her failed infertility treatments consisted of leeches, laxatives and dousing in spring water. IVF is more effective but just as painful. Hopefully William won’t divorce Kate for failure to bear. But if the problem is him, sperm donation won’t be an option because of the need to continue the royal line.

IVF Raffle


IVF Raffle Photo

IVF raffles are the new up and coming trend. According to a recent New York Times article called “Clinic Raffles Could Make You A Winner and Maybe A Mother,” clinics are marketing their services by raffling off one free IVF trial.  I myself once won a free birthday party at a raffle.  I arrived late for the drawing, and my ticket was on top and the one picked.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware of any raffles when I did IVF five times with my own eggs before turning to donor eggs.  If any raffles start giving out pay back money for prior attempts just sign me up, and I’ll put my ticket on top of the pile.

Hyperstimulation Risk Increases Pregnancy Rates

Hyperstimulation Risk Photo

High doses of hormones for IVF treatment can cause hyperstimulation and result in death. In Europe and Japan lower doses of hormones are used to avoid hyperstimulation, but the pregnancy rates may go down.  The New York Times reported in their article “High Doses of Hormones Faulted in Fertility Care” that the US keeps the hormone levels high in order to have increased hospital success rates and remain competitive in the lucrative infertility market.  The best solution would be to become pregnant but to stay alive in the process.


Personhood Legislation Photo

Personhood Legislation outlaws infertility treatment because the fertilized egg is deemed a person. The doctor and mother could be charged with murder if the fertilized egg did not survive an IVF attempt.  For those who don’t want to get pregnant, there is the morning after pill. Personhood Legislation also would make the morning after pill illegal because it ejects a fertilized egg.  However, the New York Times just reported that the pill actually prevents the egg from ovulating before it becomes fertilized.  It is important to get the science right so procedures aren’t banned for the wrong reasons.  In any case, infertility treatment would have no scientific loophole if Personhood Legislation got passed.  That is why RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association opposes all Personhood Legislation.


I was traveling to the A Family of My Own Conference in Washington, D.C.  I was going to sign copies of my book Grade A Baby Eggs and distribute free Silly Putty eggs.  I was carrying one large suitcase and wheeling a box filled with 40 copies of my book.  I managed to wheel the suitcase and carton and arrive safely at Grand Central from my Metro-North station.  Then came the  journey up the majestic marble staircase to the main floor.  A chivalrous gentleman helped me by carrying the wheeler with the books while I negotiated the rest of the baggage.  Unfortunately, he tipped the box and the books fell all over the grand polished white stairs.  It was like the Marriot Courtyard commercial where the luggage contents spill out on the escalator.  We managed to stuff the books back into the box.  I vowed not to part with them again and then took two subway trains to arrive at the Amtrak station.  I finally collapsed into my seat sweaty and exhausted from my extreme weight lifting workout.  At last I arrived in Washington, D.C.  As I descended the tiny staircase, the porter reached for my books.  He pulled the box forwards and the books tumbled out.  They landed under the train and lined the track.  Luckily there was a 20 minute lay over before Virginia so the porter and I could crawl under the train and grab my books.  Next time I think that I will sell ebooks at the conference!


In the movie The Back -Up Plan  Jennifer Lopez uses a sperm donor.  She has given up on finding Mr. Right, and her biological clock is ticking. Her anonymous donor impregnates her with twins. The same day as the insemination, she meets the love of her life.  Since this is the movies,  he ultimately accepts the twins, stays with Jennifer Lopez and then impregnates her with his own child. In my case my biological clock had already stopped, and my eggs were too old when I tried IVF five times with my own eggs.  My back-up plan was to use an egg donor.


I hate shots.  When I was a child, I prepared myself for injections by pretending that I was a soldier going to war. I dreaded my visits to the pediatrician.  Hanging on the wall, was a terrifying Norman Rockwell print of a doctor holding  a huge needle to stick in the rear of a little boy.  When I started IVF treatments, that nightmare came true when my husband began administering nightly hormone shots in my buttocks.  He tried to lessen the blow by describing it as “just a little bee sting. Buzz, buzz.” But to me it was a 747 that landed.