IVF Raffle


IVF Raffle Photo

IVF raffles are the new up and coming trend. According to a recent New York Times article called “Clinic Raffles Could Make You A Winner and Maybe A Mother,” clinics are marketing their services by raffling off one free IVF trial.  I myself once won a free birthday party at a raffle.  I arrived late for the drawing, and my ticket was on top and the one picked.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware of any raffles when I did IVF five times with my own eggs before turning to donor eggs.  If any raffles start giving out pay back money for prior attempts just sign me up, and I’ll put my ticket on top of the pile.


Gay Couple Child Question

Legalizing gay marriages means the relatives are clamoring for grandchildren.  Gay male couples are either adopting or using surrogates.  The New York Times recently quoted one eager grandmother to be as planning for her son and his groom to each donate their sperm to a surrogate.  She was being equitable and wanted each of their genetic lines to continue.  She also was unabashedly promoting her baby plans during their wedding. Unfortunately, her son doesn’t even want children.  But there is always the honeymoon to try and convince them.