I was traveling to the A Family of My Own Conference in Washington, D.C.  I was going to sign copies of my book Grade A Baby Eggs and distribute free Silly Putty eggs.  I was carrying one large suitcase and wheeling a box filled with 40 copies of my book.  I managed to wheel the suitcase and carton and arrive safely at Grand Central from my Metro-North station.  Then came the  journey up the majestic marble staircase to the main floor.  A chivalrous gentleman helped me by carrying the wheeler with the books while I negotiated the rest of the baggage.  Unfortunately, he tipped the box and the books fell all over the grand polished white stairs.  It was like the Marriot Courtyard commercial where the luggage contents spill out on the escalator.  We managed to stuff the books back into the box.  I vowed not to part with them again and then took two subway trains to arrive at the Amtrak station.  I finally collapsed into my seat sweaty and exhausted from my extreme weight lifting workout.  At last I arrived in Washington, D.C.  As I descended the tiny staircase, the porter reached for my books.  He pulled the box forwards and the books tumbled out.  They landed under the train and lined the track.  Luckily there was a 20 minute lay over before Virginia so the porter and I could crawl under the train and grab my books.  Next time I think that I will sell ebooks at the conference!

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