NPR The Point’s Mindy Todd Interviews Victoria Hopewell


NPR Mindy Todd The Point Photo

NPR featured my book Grade A Baby Eggs on The Point with Mindy Todd!  I sat in my first radio studio, wore head phones and talked into the microphone.  I almost didn’t make it on time because I took a train in the wrong direction from Boston and then ran all the way to the bus station to catch the bus to Hyannis on Cape Cod.  I arrived to a picturesque scene of boats, water and quaint restaurants and shops.  Unfortunately, my mad run to catch the departing bus, brought on a coughing fit.  I coughed the entire bus trip so the other riders were passing me their bottles of water and cough drops.  Then when I made my grand debut, I hacked  throughout much of the NPR episode!



Huntington Book Revue Photo

I will be signing  my book Grade A Baby Eggs at the Huntington Book Revue tomorrow Thursday Sept. 30 at 7 pm. The Book Revue has featured presidents, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, actresses, Whoppi Goldberg, Marlo Thomas etc. athletes, Darryl Strawberry, and numerous other famous people.  I am not a celebrity, but I am expected to bring in the crowds. So I will have to dig deep.  First I contacted Huntington possibilities.  I located an old  Huntington friend  who my cousin found her for me on Facebook since they had graduated in the same high school class. I will look forward to reconnecting with her.  Then I found my own Long Island high school friends and relatives.  I need to keep bringing in the bodies.  So everyone is invited and as long as you know someone who is still breathing bring them along!


ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year Award Photo

This weekend I flew to the ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year Awards ceremony in L.A. to see if I would win a book award.  I was a finalist in the category of Women’s Issues.  I had to wait a long time until they got to the “W’s.”  Then the large screen flashed the “honorable mention book.” Afterwards came the bronze book and the silver book.  None of them were mine.  I was giving up on winning and thinking well at least I was a finalist, and I used frequent flyer points to get here from New York so I didn’t spend a fortune.  Then the title Grade A Baby Eggs appeared as the gold medal, first place winner!  One of the presenters was looking at me to see my shocked expression.  I gave her the thumbs up sign.  I was on a lucky streak because I also won the raffle for free book advertising with ForeWord Reviews. Afterwards I celebrated with a peach Margarita by the pool.  The June selection for my book club, 50 Shades of Grey, kept me awake the whole plane ride home.










I was traveling to the A Family of My Own Conference in Washington, D.C.  I was going to sign copies of my book Grade A Baby Eggs and distribute free Silly Putty eggs.  I was carrying one large suitcase and wheeling a box filled with 40 copies of my book.  I managed to wheel the suitcase and carton and arrive safely at Grand Central from my Metro-North station.  Then came the  journey up the majestic marble staircase to the main floor.  A chivalrous gentleman helped me by carrying the wheeler with the books while I negotiated the rest of the baggage.  Unfortunately, he tipped the box and the books fell all over the grand polished white stairs.  It was like the Marriot Courtyard commercial where the luggage contents spill out on the escalator.  We managed to stuff the books back into the box.  I vowed not to part with them again and then took two subway trains to arrive at the Amtrak station.  I finally collapsed into my seat sweaty and exhausted from my extreme weight lifting workout.  At last I arrived in Washington, D.C.  As I descended the tiny staircase, the porter reached for my books.  He pulled the box forwards and the books tumbled out.  They landed under the train and lined the track.  Luckily there was a 20 minute lay over before Virginia so the porter and I could crawl under the train and grab my books.  Next time I think that I will sell ebooks at the conference!

KIRKUS REVIEWS-Grade A Baby Eggs “Well-written and thoughtful”

Kirkus Reviews said Grade A Baby Eggs: An Infertility Memoir was “well-written and thoughtful…a candid, valuable view of infertility.”  Except I didn’t know what they said because I didn’t open the review.  I was afraid that I would get the Rotten Tomatoes version describing my book as incoherent, infertility rants written at the level of  a fourth grader. I waited until I was in a really good mood before I peeked so hopefully I wouldn’t crash as far. Then I screamed and yelled like I just chose the right door and won the game show. Whether I will get my baby is questionable, but at least I gave birth to a healthy book that received a good Apgar score from Kirkus.