NPR The Point’s Mindy Todd Interviews Victoria Hopewell


NPR Mindy Todd The Point Photo

NPR featured my book Grade A Baby Eggs on The Point with Mindy Todd!  I sat in my first radio studio, wore head phones and talked into the microphone.  I almost didn’t make it on time because I took a train in the wrong direction from Boston and then ran all the way to the bus station to catch the bus to Hyannis on Cape Cod.  I arrived to a picturesque scene of boats, water and quaint restaurants and shops.  Unfortunately, my mad run to catch the departing bus, brought on a coughing fit.  I coughed the entire bus trip so the other riders were passing me their bottles of water and cough drops.  Then when I made my grand debut, I hacked  throughout much of the NPR episode!

AFA Illuminations A Brilliant Success!


AFA Illuminations Photo

The American Fertility Association’s Illuminations NYC had a great view of the lights of Times Square seen from a big picture window at ABC studios.  The featured entertainers included Annie from Broadway singing Maybe, and Rosie O’Donnell telling  jokes as she presented the advocacy award to Dan Bucatinski.  Many infertility notables were present including infertility doctors, lawyers and organizations.  I closed the shades and changed in my office just in time to hop the train and arrive appropriately dressed for the gala.  Since the advent of cell phones, it would have been too difficult to locate a phone booth for my super party woman transformation.  

Princess Kate Seeks Fertility


Kate and William Seek Fertility Photo

Princess Kate and Prince William seek fertility treatments to birth the next royal. Royalty is no stranger to infertility. Bloody Mary, the oldest daughter of Henry the VIII called “Bloody” because of her penchant for burning Protestants at the stake, had multiple hysterical pregnancies that were all in her head. Napoleon divorced Josephine because of her inability to bear him a child. Her failed infertility treatments consisted of leeches, laxatives and dousing in spring water. IVF is more effective but just as painful. Hopefully William won’t divorce Kate for failure to bear. But if the problem is him, sperm donation won’t be an option because of the need to continue the royal line.

Grade A Baby Eggs Wins USA Best Books Award!


USA Best Book Awards Winner!

Grade A Baby Eggs: An Infertility Memoir won the USA Best Books Award in the category of women’s health!  I entered this contest a while ago and forgot about it.  Then I just got the e-mail that said I won!  I will be listed at their website for 10 months of free advertising.  I was unlucky to have my power cut for 10 days in Hurricane Sandy, but I won good fortune with the contest!

Sandy Storm Freezing and Egg Freezing


Storm Sandy Generator Photo

I lost power in Hurricane Sandy the day after the storm.  Con Ed cut my power to fix wires and then waited a week and a half to reinstate it. I regularly fought for an outlet in Starbucks to charge my phone and computer. I got sick of sitting at home in the dark and freezing. Finally, I bought a generator off a truck that an entrepreneurial guy sold for a two hundred dollar mark up. Everyday I waited over an hour in gas lines in order to buy the fuel to power the generator.  While shivering at home, I learned that the ASRM just approved freezing your eggs for the future. The procedure would no longer be experimental. I wished that I had known about the technique.  As soon as I got divorced in my 30’s, I would have run to the freezer to bank my eggs for the next Mr. Right. 

IVF Raffle


IVF Raffle Photo

IVF raffles are the new up and coming trend. According to a recent New York Times article called “Clinic Raffles Could Make You A Winner and Maybe A Mother,” clinics are marketing their services by raffling off one free IVF trial.  I myself once won a free birthday party at a raffle.  I arrived late for the drawing, and my ticket was on top and the one picked.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware of any raffles when I did IVF five times with my own eggs before turning to donor eggs.  If any raffles start giving out pay back money for prior attempts just sign me up, and I’ll put my ticket on top of the pile.

Indie Approved Reader Stamp Awarded To Grade A Baby Eggs!


IndieReader Approved Stamp Photo

IndieReader gave the coveted Indie Approved Reader Stamp to the book Grade A Baby Eggs: An Infertility Memoir!  Reviewer Kathryn Livingston appreciated my sense of humor and said that my book is  a “…fascinating, often funny memoir chronicling Hopewell’s three-year baby-making mission.” She elaborated, “Grade A Baby Eggs” will be eye-opening and helpful for any couple considering this route, but more than that it’s a tale of courage, steadfastness, trust, and the ability to put one foot in front of the other and keep on truckin’. Hopewell’s optimism never seems to wane and she adds just the right pinch of wit and wisdom to her prose.” It is an honor to get a 5 star endorsement.  In fact I am tempted to hang the review up on the refrigerator as my post-graduate A grade!

RESOLVE Night of Hope Successful

RESOLVE Night of Hope Photo

The RESOLVE 2012 Night of Hope raised over 40,000 dollars! The hosts were the married news anchors Kyra Phillips and John Roberts.  They had tried IVF four times before they finally got their twins.  They maintained a sense of humor throughout the evening. John joked about how he did not mind that the other man who had seen his wife’s vagina was right there.  It was his infertility doctor Jamie Grifo from New York University Fertility Center.  In fact Jamie Grifo also was the doctor for last year’s Night of Hope Host Sherri Shepherd from The View. She was funny too, but she skipped the vagina jokes.



Barnes and Noble Manhasset Photo

I will be doing a book signing for Grade A Baby Eggs: An Infertility Memoir at Barnes and Noble of Manhasset on Thursday October 4th at 7 pm.  For my presentation I will need to load the car with my projector, movie screen and Silly Putty giveaway eggs.  Once again I must try to pack the house.  I will dig up any high school friends that still live on Long Island.  My mother will scrounge her building and round up the elderly residents at the card room, the dining hall and the physical therapist.  As long as they are mobile and can get through the doorway of the Barnes and Noble with a walker or a wheelchair, they can participate.  Everyone else is welcome to attend as well.

The Kingmaker’s Daughter Has Secondary Infertility

The Kingmaker’s Daughter Photo

In The Kingmaker’s Daughter by Philippa Gregory the main character, Anne Neville, has secondary infertility.  This being the 15th century, she doesn’t have the option of IVF.  Instead she tries to get pregnant by drinking nasty potions and wearing smelly herbs around her neck.  She also contemplates calling on a wise woman with dark, magical powers to create a baby for her. A boy baby would be preferable to doubly insure her husband’s male line in case their three year old son dies.  My husband also wanted a male heir to continue his eight generation, unbroken male line from a famous Jewish scholar called the Vilna Gaon.  I didn’t know any witches to call on to cast the appropriate spell, but I did choose to use a donor egg inserted with my husband’s sperm in order to continue his illustrious gene pool and to provide me with a much desired infant.